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Website Localisation

When undertaking website translation, BLT draws on its expertise in areas such as legal translation, financial, medical and technical translation, to be able to provide the highest quality and most appropriate translation for the needs of your particular website.

Apart from basic translation of websites into all major languages, BLT also offers farther-reaching website localisation services. This can include returning translated material in non-html formats, such as php, jsp, Flash, or javascript, as well as running full simulations of the translated website to guarantee full functionality upon launch.

In addition, globalisation of the economy, the mushrooming number of multilingual internet subscribers, as well as the increasing importance of e-commerce expansion are all driving the growth of website translations and localisation. If not translated and localised in a proper fashion, the content of a website or any application will make little sense in the target language. It also needs to address the targeted markets.

Disregarding slight changes in language, dialects and other cultural differences will inevitably shatter all your investments in the software.

At BLT we rely on expertise to adapt your applications as if they had been produced exclusively in your target markets.